Catching up on this whole blog thing...

So I'm new to this whole blogging's just not something that I ever learned to do. People have been telling me for years that if I want people to find me, I need to get myself out there with a blog. Ok, ok...a blog you say? Great! So where do I start? Um yeah, you've gotta figure that one out on your own. Hmmm, seemed easy enough at first, or at least until I wanted to add something other than plain, old, boring text.

So I pulled on my big boy pants and started searching the internet for articles about how to blog. Let me just say though, there are a zillion different sites about blogging...there're text blogs, blogs with pictures, blogs with video, blogs with pictures and video. You get the idea! So now I only needed to concentrate on blogs with there are only a half a zillion sites out there to explain how to blog with just text and pictures. Time to read! So I read, and read, and read until my eyes were buggy and my head was pounding. Then I thought, "wait a minute, I wonder if I can just add a blog to my current website using the platform that I already currently use?" So guess what? I read some more! 

So after all of this reading I think I've finally figured out this whole blogging thing! 

So dear readers after all of that, I invite you to read through the little bit of content that I have so far and let me know what you think! Here is to a long relationship between me, you, and this blog!  I hope you are all ready for the ride!!!