Kat before the Pregnancy

So now that you've seen the images from Kat's wild pinup maternity session...you HAVE seen them, haven't you? If you haven't, take a look Here. So now that you have FINALLY seen them we can move on...stay focused children! 

Kat and I went out last year in the middle of winter to capture some fashion images in the cold. Cold? It was freezing! But Kat, being the wild girl that she is didn't flinch when it was time to lose the heavy winter coat and get down to business! As a matter of fact I think she rather enjoyed it! Crazy girl!!!

After several hours of shooting in the cold we were ready to head inside for a little studio fun...AND HEAT!!! Kat kept her magic going through the whole day...even when we were nice and warm inside. Imagine that! So what you see here was an entire day of Kat being Kat and me along for the ride to capture the moments that she let me in on. Enjoy! 

I hope you are all ready for the ride!!!