My Daughter left for Fort Jackson

My daughter Jessica has been in the Army National Guard since March of last year, she enlisted under what is called the Split Option and actually went to Basic Training at Fort Jackson in Columbia, SC last summer instead of enjoying her summer vacation like most kids do the summer before their senior year. 

Yesterday she left once again to go back to Fort Jackson in Columbia, SC to go through AIT (Advanced Individual Training in layman's terms). Her MOS or job in the military is Human Resources (42 Alpha). Now if you know my daughter, you would know she is not the type of person who would be a Human Resources Specialist. Quite the contrary, this kid wants to give her mother and I heart failure by talking about switching to Combat Medic, Airborne Combat Medic or some similar "get your ass shot off" job like that! Now I know she is going to do whatever it is she wants to do, my Jessica is headstrong like that! But Airborne Combat Medic??? Is she insane? Okay, okay she is my daughter so she does have a touch of insanity, but REALLY?  But I digress...If you know my daughter Jessica, send her your love and support. If you don't know her, send your love and support anyway because she volunteered to protect our freedom. See you in September/October sweetheart...Dad loves you!